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We're not your typical pet care providers

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We are not your typical pet care business!

We offer dog playgroups, on-leash dog walking, home visits, and personalized in YOUR home pet care!
We specialize in socializing and tiring out your pooch! In our playgroups your pooch gets the benefits of a car ride, some basic obedience training, socialization and full out romping with other compatible pups!
We will pick up your pooch bring him/her to our fenced in play area and let him/her romp and play in a monitored, properly integrated doggy playgroup. We then return your pooch back to your home tuckered out and ready for a snooze. The afternoon play session lasts about one to two hours. Dogs are matched up into the group that best meets their size and temperement. Your pup will spend approximately 2 - 3 hours from pick up to drop off with us. Nothing like a car ride and a play group to get your pups energy out. Your dog doesn't play well with others? Don't worry, check out our "Services" section to see what else we offer.


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